Tools of Titans
by Timothy Ferriss
Tools of Titans
by Timothy Ferriss
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Calvin Rosser Calvin Rosser recommended:
Leveraging the insight gained from interviewing top performers on his podcast, Ferriss provides an intimate look into the habits, tools, and philosophies of leaders across business, athletics, medicine, academics, art, the military, and more. At a minimum, you will walk away with dozens of book, movie, and article recommendations and a long list of actionable skill-based, physical, and mental habits and exercises to improve in your areas of focus.
Reaching Aspiration Reaching Aspiration recommended:
At first this book annoyed me, then I realised I was reading it wrong. It’s not a book, it’s Tim’s notes from his podcast interviews, supplemented with his own thoughts. It’s written as if he was studying for an exam (the exam of life success?). I found it better to read it like a magazine, skim and deep dive. Then I loved it and got great value out of it.
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