Thinking, fast and slow
by Daniel Kahneman
Thinking, fast and slow
by Daniel Kahneman
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Calvin Rosser Calvin Rosser recommended:
After spending his entire life researching and developing our modern understanding of the psychology of judgment and decision making, Kahneman provides a highly accessible introduction to the field and its key learnings. He first walks readers through the two basic systems of human thinking, the fast and intuitive System 1 and the more deliberate and logical System 2. He then covers a diversity of important learnings in the field that have very practical implications, including the influence of priming and anchoring, loss aversion, ego depletion, overconfidence, and representativeness.
Stephen White Stephen White recommended:
This is a must read for anyone who wants to better understand why people make decisions and how they think through problems. Regardless of your industry, this book will change how you approach the world.
Candice Hampson Candice Hampson recommended:
Difficult to read, but interesting to understand how we think
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